Austin, TX


The Austin hub, located within the Capital Factory, serves as a channel through which pioneers in their respective industries can acquire the necessary resources to bring an idea to fruition within the Air Force.  As a strategic networking organization, they provide the interface required for innovators to connect across industry, academia, and government.

AFWERX Austin focuses on developing strategic partnerships with various government entities such as Defense Innovation Unit, Air Force Research Laboratory, U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Air Force Office of Special Investigations and the Federal Bureau of Investigations to identify technological and procedural requirements. Through these collaborations, they are able to harness the developments in technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, additive manufacturing, robotics, virtual reality, immersive learning technologies, and blockchain to strengthen the capabilities across nationwide defense organizations.

AFWERX Austin specializes in:

  • Integrating innovative technologies with Air Force programs
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies for Airmen training
  • Rapid testing and evaluation with Air Force stakeholders

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Capital Factory

Capital Factory meets the best entrepreneur in Texas and introduces them to their first investors, employees, mentors, and customers.

They serve startups in all stages.  From first time entrepreneurs, to late stage tech companies.  No matter where they are at in their entrepreneurial journey, Capital Factory can help them get to the next level.

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MassChallenge Texas

MassChallenge Texas is the second domestic and sixth international location in MassChallenge’s global network.  The region launched in 2018 in Austin, Texas and accelerated 84 companies from 5 continents, 11 countries, and 5 major Texas cities.  In 2019, the program expanded to Houston, attracting more startups from around the world to the Lone Star State.  With the support of corporate partners, innovation leaders, and local government, the Texas team is delivering on their promise to connect the Texas innovation “tapestry” and bring the world to Texas to innovate.

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Boston, MA

Air Force Techstars

Air Force Techstars is interested in dual-use technologies that detect, track, identify, characterize, attribute or mitigate unmanned systems, to include sensors, compute hardware/software, image processing, AI, sensor fusion, secure comms, trusted ID, power systems, advanced materials, and man-machine interface. In addition, they seek immersive-training technologies, to include AR/VR and adult learning methods, gamification, social delivery and self-directed learning, data-enabled recruiting, training and education.

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MassChallenge Boston

As MassChallenge’s flagship location, MassChallenge Boston has brought together corporates, policy makers, and innovation leaders to support and inspire the next generation of innovators. Over the past eight years, we have accelerated more than 1,000 startups from across the world – startups that have made patients healthier, our communities more connected, and our communities safer. 

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MassChallenge HealthTech

To support digital health startups, the City of Boston, MeHI, MACP, and MassChallenge established the digital health innovation hub MassChallenge HealthTech, formerly PULSE@MassChallenge. We believe that when entrepreneurs and the community come together to solve problems, we will accelerate innovation and transform healthcare. Our community comprises startups, Champions, business mentors, medical healthcare professionals, digital health enthusiasts, and people passionate about our shared mission of improving health through entrepreneurship.  

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An independent, non-profit organization serving as the innovation hub for robotics and connected devices. Through their programming and events, they help bring together innovative startups and existing technology organizations to nurture the next generation of talent, and promote economic growth and innovation. By working with diverse local talent, they are helping to bring about the next global evolution of robotics.

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MD5 is now NSIN, the National Security Innovation Network. Our new name reflects our mission, to build new networks of innovators. We remain dedicated to the work of bringing together defense, academic and entrepreneurial innovators to solve national security problems in new ways. 

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Colorado Springs, CO

Catalyst Campus

Catalyst Campus for Technology & Innovation is a collaborative ecosystem where industry, small business, workforce training, entrepreneurs, startups and venture capital intersect with Colorado’s aerospace and defense industry to create community, spark innovation and stimulate business growth.

Catalyst Campus provides an infrastructure platform for small business to support the rapid innovation of technology to solve operational needs for the warfighter and mature technological capabilities to launch new products and services in the commercial market.  Providing a “hub and spoke” research and development environment, the campus thrives through collaboration and engagement with federal agencies, academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, small business, business resource partners and venture capital to support innovation and the advancement of technology across the industrial base of the western region of the United States and beyond.

Catalyst Campus provides an agnostic ecosystem focused on accelerating our nations’ industrial, security and innovation base by advancing technology innovation and development in support of national defense and homeland security priorities.  Catalyst Campus aspires to improve the rapid development and deployment of emerging technologies, fulfilling one of the highest priorities at the Department of Defense as they push to keep up with more advanced threats to national security.

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Dayton, OH

Wright Brothers Institute

The Wright Brothers Institute provides a total of 58,000 square feet of space to ideate, collaborate, and create solutions.  In these spaces government, industry, and academia share ideas through collaborative teams, workshops, and prototype development.

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Hartford, CT

STANLEY+Techstars Accelerator

Global industry leader, Stanley Black & Decker and Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, have partnered to run The STANLEY+Techstars Accelerator in Hartford, CT. Focused on additive manufacturing and eco-friendly sustainable packaging solutions, we are looking for companies developing innovative solutions in either of those two areas, and they may have software, hardware or material solutions. 

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Las Vegas, NV


With 26,000 square feet of collaboration space in the heart of the conference capital of the U.S.–Las Vegas, Nevada–as well its proximity to Nellis Air Force Base and UNLV, AFWERX Vegas is positioned to connect people and resources across government, the private sector, and academia. The Air Force supports and provides collaborative spaces and tools for innovation efforts.

AFWERX Vegas specializes in:

  • Industry challenges which provide fast, non-bureaucratic pathways for Air Force stakeholders to scout the best solutions from industry and academia
  • A prototyping workshop where Airmen, students, or garage tinkerers build and test technologies
  • Trained design thinking facilitators who convene subject-matter experts from the Air Force, industry and academia to support Airmen intrapreneurs
  • Event and office space for Air Force teams or entrepreneurs

Visit AFWERX Vegas site.

Los Angeles, CA

Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator

Starburst provides startups mentoring and access to the largest Aerospace & Aviation stakeholders group to get ready for Series A.

Starburst connects Aerospace & Defense corporates with innovative startups worldwide and support lab to industry initiatives.

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New York, NY

Cornell Tech

Cornell Tech is building a diverse environment of academics and practitioners who excel at imagining, researching and building digitally-enabled products and services to directly address societal and commercial needs, particularly in areas that both draw on and contribute to the vibrancy of New York City.

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MD5 is now NSIN, the National Security Innovation Network. Our new name reflects our mission, to build new networks of innovators. We remain dedicated to the work of bringing together defense, academic and entrepreneurial innovators to solve national security problems in new ways. 

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Providence, RI

MassChallenge Rhode Island

Launched in 2018, MassChallenge Rhode Island connects entrepreneurs to a powerful community of resources and support in Rhode Island and regional opportunities in Boston, in addition to our global network of leading corporate partners, policymakers, and innovation leaders. We are committed to supporting and inspiring the next best innovations that will reshape our world. 

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Tampa, FL


SOFWERX was created under a Partnership Intermediary Agreement between Doolittle Institute and the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).  Located in Tampa, FL, SOFWERX has a very dynamic environment designed to create a high rate of return on collision for all participants.  Through the use of our growing ecosystem, promotion of divergent thought, and neutral facilitation, their goal is to bring the right minds together to solve challenging problems.

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Washington, DC


Located five blocks from the Pentagon, at Eastern Foundry, AFWERX DC provides a public workspace for Air Force innovation and collaboration. This allows them to identify and connect people and resources across government, industry, and academia in partnership with Virginia Tech Applied Research Corporation (VT-ARC).

AFWERX DC specializes in:

  • Indentifying and engaging experts to support Airmen innovation projects
  • Forecasting and reporting on technology trends to inform the AFWERX team
  • Building and managing a database of contributors interested in working with the Air Force

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MACH37 is designed to facilitate the creation of the next generation of cyber product companies.  Their unique 90-day program design places heavy emphasis on the validation of product ideas and the development of relationships that produce an initial customer base and investment capital – accelerating a founder’s path to a sustainable business model.  Since 2013, MACH37 has launched 57 cyber companies.  73% of their graduates are still in business and 60% have raised follow-on investment.

MACH37 is majority-owned and operated by VentureScope through a partnership with the Center for Innovative Technology.

Visit MACH37 site.


MD5 is now NSIN, the National Security Innovation Network. Our new name reflects our mission, to build new networks of innovators. We remain dedicated to the work of bringing together defense, academic and entrepreneurial innovators to solve national security problems in new ways. 

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