We connect organizations that have relevant, innovative ideas to the government agencies that could use them. The federal government is reaching out to innovators directly through such organizations as DIUX, recognizing that good ideas can come from companies of all sizes.  In our role as the government’s trusted advisor, MITRE is in a good position to help the government find the innovations it needs, and connect them to the right partners. We also help the government by sharing our knowledge of technology and government requirements with our innovation partners.


Collaborative Research

MITRE conducts a wide variety of research throughout the corporation, enabling us to solve some of our sponsors’ most difficult problems.  We pursue near, mid-, and far-term solutions, working in more than 100 technical areas. (see https://www.mitre.org/research/overview)

To achieve complex solutions faster, MITRE often collaborates with innovators from academia, industry, and other FFRDCs and government laboratories.  We partner with organizations that have complementary expertise on collaborative research projects directed at solving a sponsor’s specific problem or challenges experienced by many sponsors.  Working together, we can improve the safety and security of our nation.

Example: Voxel8, Analytical Space, AmericanRobotics  



Sharing our technical/domain expertise with entrepreneurs

Our engineers offer world-class expertise to entrepreneurs and researchers in a variety of areas, including cybersecurity, acquisition sciences, advanced manufacturing, electronic and sensor systems, aviation safety, healthcare, robotics, and autonomy. 

Example: MADE Office Hours, MassRobotics Mentoring, Innovation Toolkit


Transferring Technology/Licensing

In cases where it is beneficial for our sponsors and stakeholders, MITRE makes its intellectual property available through open various kinds of licenses, including open source.  These licenses have been used by various organization for a wide range of purposes, from research to fostering innovation to product development.  (see www.mitre.org/research/technology-transfer)

MITRE’s Technology Transfer Office makes our innovation available to our sponsors, the broader government, and the public, while returning value from federally funded research to the nation’s economy. It also creates agreements with those organizations with which we collaborate, from entrepreneurs to venture capitalists.

Example:  AlliedMinds

Example:  Synthetic Mass



At MITRE, we have a broad network across federal agencies, academic institutions, and non-traditional and traditional industry. Through workshops, forums, and technical exchange meetings, we connect these communities to foster knowledge sharing, relationships, and opportunities.  

Example: RRTO, JIDO & AFRL visits, IBM Workshop at MITRE