Building pathways to discover, accelerate, and deliver innovation from nontraditional sources to solve national problems.

Bridging Innovation Framework


Develop an intentional and comprehensive strategic plan for successful transition.


Embed into and convene at regional technical centers of gravity to build trusted community relationships and greater understanding of national problems.

Scout & Match

Leverage our networks to identify sources and capabilities that address national problems.


Accelerate identified capabilities by applying our deep technical domain knowledge, unique resources, and expansive Government and industry network.


Deliver capabilities rapidly through streamlined contracting.

In the News

Building Your Cadre of Mentors

Building Your Cadre of Mentors

Finding a good mentor is like getting a personalized self-help book, one that is full of insightful questions and practical guidance tailored to you. A traditional mentor focuses on guiding your personal growth. However, you can receive a wide array of guidance from a variety of perspectives when you work together with someone, so let’s expand our vocabulary a bit and use the word Collaborators as a more general term.

MITRE Maps the Route from Idea to DoD Game-Changer

MITRE Maps the Route from Idea to DoD Game-Changer

The Department of Defense is looking to startups, small businesses, and nontraditional vendors to improve agility and innovation. MITRE has created a resource to help these newcomers navigate the complex defense acquisition process.

The term “military contractor” calls to mind sprawling and powerful corporations with legacies of ship building, bomber design, and weapons system development. Small companies with big ideas often face a daunting task getting their foot in the door.


Big Waves in Bluetech: Blue Swarms

Big Waves in Bluetech: Blue Swarms

Join our partners from SeaAhead on Thursday May 7th as they take a deep dive with three emerging bluetech companies to explore how advances in AUVs, computers, and swarm vision, AI, and analytics may change humanity’s interface under the ocean.

Defense Innovation Unit has 2 Open Solicitations for DoD

Defense Innovation Unit has 2 Open Solicitations for DoD

EventsSubmit your commercial solutions to solve national security challenges with the help from the Defense Innovation Unit.  DIU has 2 open solicitations for Department of Defense. Field Portable Ultrasound: seeking commercial medical imaging solutions to integrate...

Smart Cities Connect, April 13-14, 2021

Smart Cities Connect, April 13-14, 2021

Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo offers the most comprehensive conference, exposition, and accelerator of smart city innovation in North America. We deliver premium networking and educational opportunities with a keen focus on city leaders and their priorities. Working closely with the technology community, we bring together the largest collection of intelligent systems providers for energy, infrastructure, networks, data management, urban mobility, citizen engagement and governance solutions.

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