Building pathways to discover, accelerate, and deliver innovation from nontraditional sources to solve national problems.

Bridging Innovation Framework


Develop an intentional and comprehensive strategic plan for successful transition.


Embed into and convene at regional technical centers of gravity to build trusted community relationships and greater understanding of national problems.

Scout & Match

Leverage our networks to identify sources and capabilities that address national problems.


Accelerate identified capabilities by applying our deep technical domain knowledge, unique resources, and expansive Government and industry network.


Deliver capabilities rapidly through streamlined contracting.

In the News

Looking at SportsTech for Innovation Diversity

Looking at SportsTech for Innovation Diversity

What do sports and government have in common?  A first glance, not much.  But, as you look closer, growing investments in innovative uses of technologies are driving dynamic changes across the global sports market.  From data analytics, video exploitation, secure transactions and payment systems to customer experience, human performance, and safety devices, innovations applied to sports might introduce some unique diverse solutions for related government needs.   

The Power of the Innovation Network

The Power of the Innovation Network

More than twenty startups were recently awarded Small Business Innovation Research Phase II contracts by the Army during their xTech SBIR pilot competition.  The purpose of the pilot is to accelerate technology prototypes for crucial Army capability gaps into military platforms.

Maintaining a Balanced Perspective on Artificial Intelligence by Paul Silvey

Maintaining a Balanced Perspective on Artificial Intelligence by Paul Silvey

The quest to build Artificial Intelligence (AI), at least narrowly defined as computer programs that can mimic human cognitive capabilities sufficiently well as to solve practical problems for us, has again captured the business world’s attention. Government and private investment dollars are flowing into this sector, motivated by Machine Learning (ML) successes in performing object or event recognition and classification from perceptual data, at levels that can match and sometimes surpass the abilities of humans. The availability and affordability of massive amounts of data and computational resources, along with algorithmic innovations including large multi-layer artificial neural networks, has created a kind of gold rush phenomenon in the last ten years.


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