Our MISSION is to bring the nation’s greatest minds and most innovative technologies – from inside and outside of MITRE – together to solve national problems. 

By combining MITRE’s whole-of-government perspective, deep technical expertise, and willingness to collaborate, we can work together to achieve maximum impact for a safer world.

Why Bridging Innovation?

The current pace of technology is moving quickly, creating new opportunities and new challenges.

To adapt to this evolving world, we’ve built a framework for how to plug into and harness the power of the innovation community in order to more quickly deliver capabilities into the hands of the federal government.

Bridging Innovation Motivations


Opportunity to leverage commercial technologies to reduce acquisition time, cost, and risk.


Quickly deliver capabilities to the government by harnessing and supporting the power of the innovation community.


Opportunity to move into a new market.

Potential for non-dilutive funding.

Pillars to Bridging Innovation



Scout & Match



Develop an intentional and comprehensive strategic plan for successful transition.

Embed into and convene at regional technical centers of gravity to build trusted community relationships and greater understanding of national problems.

Leverage our networks to identify sources and capabilities that address national problems.

Accelerate identified capabilities by applying our deep technical domain knowledge, unique resources, and expansive Government and industry network.

Deliver capabilities rapidly through streamlined contracting.

For more information on Bridging Innovation, contact us at bridge@mitre.org.
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