Mentoring & Facilities Support

Our engineers and researchers offer world-class expertise in a variety of areas and provide support with state-of-the-art facilities in order to demonstrate feasibility.

Mentoring & Facilities Support

Advanced Manufacturing  |  Augmented/Virtual Reality  |  Biometrics  |  Cyber Security  |  Data Analytics  |  Electronic Design  |  Energy Harvesting/Fuel Cells  |  Robotics  |  Smart Sensors  |  Wireless Electronics

Domain Knowledge

Aviation  |  Civil Systems  |  Cybersecurity  |  Defense & Intelligence  |  Healthcare  |  Homeland Security  |  Judiciary

Prototyping & Testing Facilities

Additive Manufacturing  |  Precision Machinng  |  Thermal Test Chambers  |  Shock and Vibration Tables  |  Immersive Environments  |  Circuit Board Academy  |  Modeling & Simulation  |  Antenna Range  |  Psychophysiology Lab  |  Innovation Design Toolkit


Partner on collaborative research and challenges with organizations that have complementary expertise in order to tackle difficult national problems.

Maximize Impact of our IR&D Program by leveraging commercial investments.

Address Gaps by partnering to adopt, adapt, or augment commercial technology to testify national problems.

Success Story

Collaborative Research with Local Startup, Voxel8

What did we do?

MITRE researchers partnered with Voxel8, a MassChallenge startup developing 3D electronics printer, to overcome the challenge of practically manufacturing a complex antenna MITRE designed for the Navy.

The team built prototypes with novel 3D printer and tested them in MITRE’s world-class labs to demonstrate the new antenna technology while providing technical feedback to Voxel8 on government requirements, exposing them to new markets in antennas and RF electronics.


  • Provide the new manufacturing methods for complex antennas can lead to improved performance, reduced weight, and lower cost
  • Jumpstarted a research portfolio in additive manufacturing for antennas that has successfully transitined to multiple sponsors
  • The Navy purchased multiple Voxel8 Printers and leveraged MITRE’s results for subsequent research and development of 3D printed antennas
  • MITRE is partnering with Analytical Space, Inc. (MassChallenge alum and MIT Engine) to test their antenna technology on a satellite in 2019

By partnering with government and industry to accelerate development, we can quickly get our technology into the market for the benefit of our sponsors.

Jay Schnitzer


MITRE researchers and Voxel personnel installing Voxel 3D printer in MITRE's lab.

MITRE researchers and Voxel personnel installing Voxel 3D printer in MITRE’s lab.