Scout & Match
Assemble a list of companies and evaluate potential solutions
  • Assess technology maturity
  • Determine dual-use potential
  • Explore need for incubation
  • Recognize ability to integrate into larger solution
  • Establish wilingness to work with the Government

Success Story

Tech Scouting with OSD Autonomy Community of Interest (CoI)

What did we do?

We arranged for 16 government autonomy researchers from across the DoD to visit the Boston Innovation District to:

  • Build awareness of the robust innovation ecosystem
  • Create entry points into the existing programs and infrastructure available for collaboration
  • Introduce researchers to companies with the potential to address a government technical challenge


  • Introduce the CoI to the thriving Boston ecosystem, with tours and overviews from MassRobotics, MassChallenge, AFWERX, Air Force Techstars Autonomous Technology Accelerator, DIU, AutoDesk Build Space, Flex – resources that can be leveraged and tapped into as the group continues to engage with nontraditionals
  • Introduce startups to funding decision-makers with active contracts
  • The Bridging team was asked to explore how MITRE could serve as a partner to organize and lead a challenge-like effort focused on AI/ML and the ATT&CK™ platform.

The Bridging Innovation team exposed us to the breadth of opportunities in Boston’s innovation hub and the range of private and government support provided to start-ups.  I was particularly interested in MassRobotics, as they provided the physical infrastructure necessary for robotic startups to succeed.

JC Lede

OSD Autonomy Col Lead / AFRL Autonomy Technology Advisor

MITRE has played a significant role in connecting Pison to the DoD space, including decision makers at AFRL, HUD 3.0, and General Dynamics.

Dexter Ang

CEO/Co-Founder, Pison Technology