Solutions Meets Evaluation Criteria

Acquisition Pathways

  • Urgent Needs
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • System Acquisition
  • Agile Software
  • Services
  • Business Systems

Contracting Pathways

  • Other Transactions
  • R&D Agreements
  • BAAs & GSA
  • Commercial
  • Simplified
  • Subcontract Agreements
Government Use

Understanding the DoD Innovation Ecosystem

The DoD has a vast collection of opportunities to spur innovation among entrepreneurs. There is not however, a single platform bringing all of this information together. This visualization offers content to navigate the DoD innovation ecosystem environment and locate opportunities suited to the technology and goals of a company.

For more information on the DoD innovation ecosystem environment, visit the Acquisition in the Digital Age (AiDA) website.

Technology Readiness Level. Research: 1) Basic Principles Observed. 2) Technology Concept Formulated. 3) Experimental Proof of Concept. Development: 4) Technology Validated in Labs. 5) Technology Validated in Relevant Environment. 6) Technology Demonstrated in Relevant Environment. Deployment: 7) System Prototype Demonstration in Operational Environment. 8) System Complete and Qualified. 9) Actual System Proven in Operational Environment.

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Success Story

Legionarius:  Rapid Contracting through RRTO

What did we do?

Legionarius – a technical solutions provider for performance garments in high-risk and combat environments, has a Rapid Reaction Technology Office (RRTO) contract with SOCOM through SOFWERX.  During their time in the 2017 MassChallenge accerator, MITRE provided support through technical and domain mentors, access to our lab faciliteis, and through our trusted relationship with RRTO.


  • With the help of MITRE and MassChallenge, Legionarius went from idea to DoD contract in less than one year
  • Our technical and domain mentoring supported rapid technical development through conceptual design and sub-componenet proof-of-concept to de-risk critical functionalities
  • We supported Legionarius in navigating the RRTO process for rapid contracting and introduced them to additional government stakeholders
  • Legionarius is currently under a $1.5M contract with SOCOM to deliver protoype units of their smart garment system for field testing

MITRE provided technical mentorship for electronic hardware design, guidance through RRTO contracting process, and insight into DoD communication and software challenges which was tremendously important to our early success.

Dr. Alexander Gruentzig

CEO, Legionarius, LLC

MITRE RRTO and Bridging Innovation representatives with Legionarius and Kiki Mills Johnston on MassChallenge.

MITRE RRTO and Bridging Innovation representatives with Legionarius and Kiki Mills Johnston on MassChallenge.