AFWERX Vegas hosted the 2D to 3D Designs for Additive Manufacturing Challenge Definition Workshop on January 22-23. The event was designed to bring subject matter experts in additive manufacturing (AM) from industry, academia, military, and government organizations to collaborate with and assist the United States Air Force (USAF) in defining a range of challenges in AM. The two-day workshop was designed for all attendees to provide insight from personal experiences to brainstorm the USAF’s needs and potential solutions for taking obsolete parts and turning them into three dimensional (3D) models, and provide insight on needs to further advance the USAF’s AM capabilities, processes, and supply chain.

MITRE’s Bridging Innovation provided technical subject matter experts to support the government’s innovation activities, while also better understanding the governments challenges.

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Francisco Ramos-Carrizosa leading a breakout brainstorming session during the workshop. Credit: AFWERX