Catalyst Accelerator is seeking commercial solutions to address Air Force (AF) and DoD applications in space-based ISR. ISR activities entail full-spectrum (ELF thru RF, MMW, THz, IR, EO, UV, and ionizing radiation) active and passive sensing, detection, discrimination, warning, and tracking of both earth and space-borne entities, events, and activities of military and national interest. Preferred solutions are near-term operational; however, all innovative technology solutions will be considered. Ideal solutions will operate well within a contested space environment, e.g. are/readily made resilient to jamming, blinding, spoofing, and disablement, and be able to integrate well with solutions and architectures sourced by multiple vendors. Technologies of relevance include significantly advantageous sensing devices including detectors, transmitters, antennas, optics; signal processing and multi-source fusion algorithms, computing resources, and services; and technologies and methods for smart distribution of ISR products to DoD consumers (the right information to the attention of the right entity at the right time). The Accelerator is currently accepting applications through August 7th for the Cohort. Leading up to the deadline, there will be an Ask Me Anything session on July 2. Join the Ask Me Anything Session