Reforms in DoD acquisition practice combined with novel ways of approaching innovation created the backdrop for the webinar “Bringing Innovation to Government Agencies.”  A MITRE panel highlighted key acquisition changes and resources as part of TechMGM’s Series on Leveraging Data for Economic Development, an initiative of the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce. ( ) The 5-part series is being curated and hosted by Charisse Stokes, the Executive Director of TechMGM.  Acquisition reforms target long lead times and barriers to industry solutions with streamlined procedures.  MITRE’s Christina Rhylander led conversation among the panelists on the latest developments in statutes, policies, and frameworks, with a concentration on rapid prototyping for fielding solutions described in the National Defense Authorization Acts of FY16 and FY20.  MITRE’s Debra Zides explored how pathways put capability into the hands of warfighters through scaling existing solutions and fielding prototypes as part of the DoD’s New Adaptive Acquisition Framework.  With the speed of relevance as a driver, the pathways institutionalize flexibility in matching acquisition streams to needs of warfighters.  MITRE’s Dan Ward explored related contracting strategies that extend to project execution, relating case studies that provide examples of making good matches between need, acquisition, and contracting strategies.

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