Colorado Springs, CO, Dec. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Catalyst Space Accelerator (CSA) just announced the companies who will come together for three months of training, customer discovery, and networking in its fifth Accelerator session: Data Fusion for Space Applications.

This cohort, sponsored by Microsoft, provides each company with $15K in non-dilutive funding. Companies will have Department of Defense and Commercial Sherpas to assist them in making connections with potential customers and partners. The participants will learn how to navigate government contracting and how to shape their product into something the warfighter truly needs.

The Problem Space

The cohort as a whole will seek to address the Problem Statement from AFRL, “How might we take advantage of the latest in information analysis and data fusion to provide insight into space objects’ past, current, and predicted trajectories and understand spacecraft capabilities and operator intentions?”

“The world is entering into a second space age,” said the AFRL Problem Statement, this time driven by economic opportunity as much as national or military interest.”

The growing number of humans in space is driving a sense of urgency to track space objects accurately, and the increasing interest in going to the moon and beyond means that we need to be able to track more objects, further away, on more complicated trajectories than ever before.

To make things more complicated, AFRL informed applicants to the program that they “should be prepared to address data sets that are sparse, irregular, and of disparate phenomenologies.”

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