The Department of Defense seeks a flexible, real-time data analytics solution. The solution must be able to ingest hundreds of GBs of spatial-temporal multi-feature data per day, synthesize and fuse the data, accurately classify time-series and spatial entities, and predict their future behavior. Data originates from diverse sources and arrives in a variety of formats. The ability to synthesize and fuse this data is time sensitive. Prospective companies must be US-owned to be considered. The solution briefs are due no later than 5 July.

The Department of Defense (DoD) seeks solutions for a self-contained and free flying orbital outpost.  The solution must be capable of supporting space assembly, microgravity experimentation, logistics and storage, manufacturing, training, test and evaluation, hosting payloads, and other functions. The solution briefs are due no later than 9 July.

Department of Defense leadership established the Defense Innovation Unit in August 2015 to accelerate commercial technology into the hands of men and women in uniform. DIU partners with the services, combatant commands, and component organizations to rapidly prototype and field advanced commercial solutions that address military challenges. With offices in Silicon Valley, Boston, Austin, and the Pentagon, DIU connects DoD customers with leading technology companies across the country. It is our mission to lower barriers to entry for new companies interested in working with the Department and grow the national security innovation base.

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