Defense Innovation Unit has 2 Open Solicitations for DoD

Submit your commercial solutions to solve national security challenges with the help from the Defense Innovation Unit.  DIU has 2 open solicitations for Department of Defense.

  • Field Portable Ultrasound: seeking commercial medical imaging solutions to integrate into the Tactical Combat Medical Care Set supporting far forward operations. The solution will be used to diagnose trauma and musculoskeletal injuries during multi-domain operations and prolonged care in austere field facilities, where size, weight, and power consumption are paramount considerations. The technology will allow diagnosis and triage closer to the point of injury giving medical providers better understanding of implications and indications to ensure most effective treatment, avoid unnecessary evacuation, and increase productivity.
    (Responses due: 2021-04-12, 23:59:59 US/Eastern)
  • Autonomous EOD Maritime Response Vehicle: seeking state of the art commercial solutions for prototyping and fielding an Unmanned System (UxS) capable of detecting, localizing, navigating to, inspecting, and manipulating mine-like objects on the seafloor, in the water column, and at the surface. DIU is seeking both complete systems and/or relevant subsystems, as detailed below. The Government will not provide a dataset to train autonomous perception tasks, and vendors with experience generating labeled datasets for machine learning & computer vision in maritime applications are highly desirable.
    (Responses due: 2021-04-16, 23:59:59 US/Eastern)


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