Looking at SportsTech for Innovation Diversity

What do sports and government have in common?  A first glance, not much.  But, as you look closer, growing investments in innovative uses of technologies are driving dynamic changes across the global sports market.  From data analytics, video exploitation, secure transactions and payment systems to customer experience, human performance, and safety devices, innovations applied to sports might introduce some unique diverse solutions for related government needs.   

In the sports world, mitre is synonymous with footballs … well what we Americans call soccer balls.  But we are not that mitre.  We’re MITRE, the systems engineering company, and we’ve partnered with Stadia Ventures to tap their rich ecosystem for sports and esports innovation to find those innovative solutions in sports that can also solve government problems.  To accomplish that, MITRE’s Bridging Innovation program is tapping into SportsTech to discover novel solutions that can be applied to similar challenges facing our government in healthcare, public safety, transportation, financial systems, cybersecurity, and defense.   

Stadia Ventures aims to connect their portfolio of companies with multiple industries, whether it be adapting an idea developed for golf and shifting their focus to baseball or connecting technologies on athlete health and performance with other industries that look at individual health and well-being.  

Stadia Ventures provides a place for sports innovation to develop and mature. In particular their expertise in education, investment, and industry experience enables their startups to build on their unique approaches and help them build out their solutions to connect across industries. They support these startups by hosting an accelerator program that teams companies up with mentors and advisors with the goal of increasing a company’s value. Their aim is to improve a company’s likelihood of getting to their goal, whether it be another round of investment, increasing their partnerships, or being acquired by another company.   

Over this coming year, we are excited to discover diverse, innovative solutions that Stadia Ventures helps us accelerate to solve government challenges 

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