MassRobotics & The New England Venture Capital Association

Invite you to join us for 2 afternoons of MassRobotics Startups Virtual Presentations & Demos on April 27th and 28th @ 3:30 –5:00 p.m.

Although times are challenging and our normal in person demo days aren’t possible, our robotics start-ups continue to make great progress and we want to give them the opportunity to share their developments with you. Each start-up will have a few minutes to share their highlights.  After the presentations end, you will have a chance to select individual chat rooms to join to speak to the startups you wish directly.

Please register by April 26th and we will email you the GoToWebinar link

April 27th talks by:

Target Arm              Drone Launch & Retrieval

Cleo Robotics          Compact Drones

RasLabs                   Soft Actuators

RGS Automation     Automating Automation

Evergreens              Indoor Agriculture Technology

Mente                      Operating Room Analytics

Flora.Bot                   Robotic Floral Arranging

FungAi                      Machine Learning

Southie Autonomy   No code software robot interface

Hathaway Robotics Unmanned Ground Vehicle

April 28th talks by:

Pison Technology   Neural Interface for Control & Insights

Black-I Robotics      AMRs to Automate    Logistics/Defense

Tennibot                   Robotic Tennis Ball Collector

Ascend Robotics     Collaborative Robots, AI and Perception

XYZ Robotics          Supply Chain Automation

Realbotics                Tele-robotics for training & manufacturing

Alias Robotics          Cyber Security for robots

Aura Intel Sys          5G mmWave Imaging Radar

FringeAI                    Manufacturing Vision Inspection

MVP Robotics          Dynamic Football & Military Training

Monday, April 27th registration link                               Tuesday, April 28th registration link

Password: MrDEMO#27                                              Password: MrDEMO#28


(This is a by invitation only event – limited to our MassRobotics partners and our investors friends)