MassChallenge has released a report to celebrate their progress over the past 10 years and importance on removing barriers to entrepreneurship moving forward. A note from the CEO: Over the past decade, MassChallenge has played a vital role in strengthening local and global innovation economies. We have helped entrepreneurs from more than 54 countries solve some of the world’s massive problems. From a scrappy startup founded in Boston during the height of the global economic recession by two idealistic entrepreneurs to a network of nine accelerators in seven locations around the globe, MassChallenge and our 2,344 startups have had a transformative impact on the world. This report will highlight some of those significant accomplishments. However, our work is not done. Now, more than ever, we need to focus on removing barriers to entrepreneurship for every innovator with the talent and drive to succeed. By making these economic opportunities more accessible, we can create a more inclusive — and therefore stronger — global economy where individuals are empowered not only to dream, but to act. Our progress over the past 10 years speaks to the power of our mission: to make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs to launch and grow new businesses. MassChallenge has achieved incredible results because of our fantastic community, partners, and startups.

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