MITRE + Partners + Robots Equals an Equation for STEM Inspiration

News With predictions about an upcoming shortage in qualified STEM applicants to meet the high demand for jobs, MITRE is partnering with local communities to help nurture future generations of talent. A typical workday for Brandon Keith, electronics engineer at MITRE,...

A Passion for Social Innovation

A Chat with Tammy Freeman
by Niall White

I had the opportunity to visit with Tammy Freeman, the latest in our ongoing “SME Interviews” for MITRE’s Bridging Innovation. We talked about Social Innovation, sustainable tourism, graduate school, and of course, Bridging Innovation. Tammy is creative, courageous, and very friendly. I hope you enjoy the read!!

Knocking Down Barriers for the Disability Workforce

Accessibility means making every reasonable effort to ensure people with disabilities can work effectively and productively in the workplace. That includes both facilities and all electronic materials. Web accessibility, for example, ensures people with disabilities can equally perceive, understand, navigate, contribute to, and interact with web sites and tools. Unfortunately, we have a long way to go in this area. In addition, many of today’s Human Resource practices, processes and tools put some people with disabilities at a disadvantage when applying and competing for a job. On May 18th, MITRE joined Capital Factory in their Accessibility in Tech Summit 2021 to start knocking down some of these barriers.

A Diverse Group Tackling Energy Challenges

News One of the most quoted equations in the world is E=mc2. Even for those that do not really understand the subtleties of this equation, or what each of the letters represents, most could provide “Who is Albert Einstein?” if the equation appeared on Jeopardy. E is...

Distributed Collaboration for Innovating Autonomous Naval Systems

MITRE is forging a new and exciting partnership with the Naval Post Graduate School, leveraging its Labs test infrastructure and NPS’s Sea, Land, Air Military Research Initiative (SLAMR) and Joint Interagency Field Experimentation (JFIX) program. Using an existing cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA), MITRE and Naval Post Graduate School (NPS) are working towards development of a cross-country and multi-organizational live, virtual, constructive (LVC) demonstration, experimentation, and eventual test and evaluation capability. The objective is to one day have a variety of manned, unmanned, and autonomous platforms at various facilities, including NPS’s SLAMR; MITRE’s McLean and Bedford labs; MITRE Bedford’s state of the art Advanced Maritime Systems Experimentation Lab (AMSEL); Camp Roberts Army National Guard Base (ANG); MITRE’s unmanned systems (UxS) experimentation area in Purcellville, VA; and others, combined with emulated or virtual platforms in a common environment which allows sharing of information and command and control across any and all users, at these facilities or any other location.

Building Your Cadre of Mentors

Finding a good mentor is like getting a personalized self-help book, one that is full of insightful questions and practical guidance tailored to you. A traditional mentor focuses on guiding your personal growth. However, you can receive a wide array of guidance from a variety of perspectives when you work together with someone, so let’s expand our vocabulary a bit and use the word Collaborators as a more general term.

MITRE Maps the Route from Idea to DoD Game-Changer

The Department of Defense is looking to startups, small businesses, and nontraditional vendors to improve agility and innovation. MITRE has created a resource to help these newcomers navigate the complex defense acquisition process.

The term “military contractor” calls to mind sprawling and powerful corporations with legacies of ship building, bomber design, and weapons system development. Small companies with big ideas often face a daunting task getting their foot in the door.

In the Community: Uniting to Fight the Global Water Crisis

Liv Blackmon has a new appreciation for water as a key to community health. Learning that access to clean water opens educational opportunities to girls and helps infants thrive inspired Blackmon to take action—virtually. She moved others to join her.

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