Accelerating the Readiness of Augmented and Virtual Reality for Mass Deployment

Emerging technologies that are unlike anything that came before, are often dismissed as a toy – a temporary novelty with high entertainment value for consumers, but with little practical business use. Very few examples fit that description better than Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR). Through our work with our government sponsors, there are ample opportunities to apply AR/VR technology towards solving complex problems, and MITRE’s Bridging Innovation plays a key role expediting them.

Rethinking Topology Optimization through Iterative Design Cycles with Pareto

Designing and manufacturing parts with a straightforward goal, for instance, to be lightweight and provide the greatest strength with available materials at a reasonable cost can be a fairly uncomplicated endeavor. Add a goal of improved heat transfer in a multiple load scenario and the complexity of the manufacturing challenge grows enormously, with the ability to design and evaluate parts becoming time- and cost-prohibitive.

Fostering Dialogue for Robotics in Defense

Drones autonomously launched and recovered from a moving vehicle.  Underwater autonomous platforms and sensors.  Moving target robots for live fire training.  Mixed Reality for improving accuracy of aircraft engine maintenance.  Drones that look like a donut and can...

Engaging in the Innovation Ecosystem – Virtually!

A completely virtual startup accelerator. This would not have been imaginable until March 2020 when COVID-19 began spreading rapidly and new phrases such as “social distancing” and “fashionable face mask” were introduced. The whole world had to pivot, including...