Mentoring in the Innovation Ecosystem: Michael Balazs

Mentoring in the Innovation Ecosystem: Michael Balazs

When Michael Balazs, chief futurist at MITRE, became the Charlottesville site leader, he wanted to grow the interactions with the local community to ensure MITRE delivers the best solutions for our government sponsors. He specifically focused on growing the autonomy work program and always looking for the latest technology to give us an edge. 

Accelerating the Readiness of Augmented and Virtual Reality for Mass Deployment

Emerging technologies that are unlike anything that came before, are often dismissed as a toy – a temporary novelty with high entertainment value for consumers, but with little practical business use. Very few examples fit that description better than Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR). Through our work with our government sponsors, there are ample opportunities to apply AR/VR technology towards solving complex problems, and MITRE’s Bridging Innovation plays a key role expediting them.

Rethinking Topology Optimization through Iterative Design Cycles with Pareto

Designing and manufacturing parts with a straightforward goal, for instance, to be lightweight and provide the greatest strength with available materials at a reasonable cost can be a fairly uncomplicated endeavor. Add a goal of improved heat transfer in a multiple load scenario and the complexity of the manufacturing challenge grows enormously, with the ability to design and evaluate parts becoming time- and cost-prohibitive.

Fostering Dialogue for Robotics in Defense

Drones autonomously launched and recovered from a moving vehicle.  Underwater autonomous platforms and sensors.  Moving target robots for live fire training.  Mixed Reality for improving accuracy of aircraft engine maintenance.  Drones that look like a donut and can...