The annual MIT Startup Ecosystem Conference features 25 of the most promising startups from across MIT. These startups are all part of STEX25, an accelerator run by MIT Startup Exchange, an integrated program of MIT Corporate Relations.

The conference is the MIT Startup Exchange flagship event, and is a must-attend for executives at industry-leading corporations, especially for those who work in innovation, emerging technology, corporate venture capital, and/or corporate development/strategy.

Panel discussions and keynote presentations will include topics such as funding innovation, academic-corporate sponsorships, AI, data, hard tech, and advanced manufacturing.

About STEX25
STEX25 is a startup accelerator focused on fostering collaboration between MIT-connected startups and member companies of MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program (ILP). MIT Startup Exchange and ILP are integrated programs of MIT Corporate Relations.

Like all the 1,000+ startups in the MIT Startup Exchange database, STEX25 companies are technology-based startups with a connection to MIT, whether they are based on licensed MIT technology or founded by MIT faculty, staff, or alumni. However, STEX25 startups have been identified as particularly well-suited for industry collaboration. These young, vibrant companies have proved themselves with early use cases, clients, demos, or partnerships, and may be on the cusp of significant growth.

MITRE is an ILP Member so admission to this conference is complimentary. You can sign up for the MIT Startup Ecosystem conference by clicking hereĀ