Pitch Day objectives

To explore, develop, and deliver technologies for air, space, and cyberspace forces, the Air Force seeks to partner with innovative small businesses and startups. The goal: To solve national security challenges, which today include payload-carrying drone swarms that can evade detection.

UAS Pitch Day at Northeastern will explore UAS and C-sUAS technologies that may fall outside the Air Force’s current fields of focus. Priorities include systems to support UAS air-traffic avionics and control software, UAS applications for environmental sensing, and C-sUAS technologies for the defense of critical facilities.

The event is sponsored by the Air Force Program Executive Office, PEO Digital, the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), and the Tri Service C-sUAS Swarm group

0900 – 1200: Pitch event*
1200 – 1330: Lunch (DV Lunch and Tour)*
1330 – 1600: Media Event & Guest Speakers*
1600 – 1800: Social Networking Event

*By invitation only via special code. Please contact bridge@mitre.org for information 

Register to attend the free social networking event at the UAS Pitch Day being held at Kostas Research Institute at Northeastern