MITRE established MITRE Labs, restructuring research and development (R&D) capabilities and talent to further extend our impact across federally funded R&D centers and in collaboration with academia and industry.

Charles Clancy was named senior vice president, chief futurist, and general manager of MITRE Labs, which comprises nearly 50 percent of the workforce, to deliver solutions-driven innovation. In this new role, he is responsible for sparking innovative disruption, accelerating risk-taking and discovery, and delivering real-time technology capabilities and execution through labs, platforms, and the MITRE Fellows program.

“MITRE has been tackling complex threats facing our nation throughout our history. With crises and world events unfolding in ways that nobody expects, we pivot quickly, and proactively lead in the public interest,” said Jason Providakes, president and CEO. “Our response to COVID-19 highlighted these strengths, and the creation of MITRE Labs will position our R&D capabilities and world-class talent to anticipate future disruptions and business innovations to better deliver on our mission of solving problems for a safer world.”

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McLean, Va., and Bedford, Mass., July 14, 2020