MassRobotics is pleased to be hosting a Robotics In Construction semi-virtual event on November 12th from 2 -4:40pm ET.  The construction industry is one of the least automated industries that feature manual-intensive labor as a primary source of productivity.  It is poised for a robotics revolution and the disruption that robotics and artificial intelligence can make will have significant impacts in this traditional, unautomated industry.  The purpose of the event is to help attendees understand the direction the industry is heading and hear about some of the latest technical advancements that may impact it.  

Attendees will learn about:

·        The Future of Construction

·        On-Site Challenges with Potential Robotic & AI Solutions

·        What Innovative Construction Companies Have Piloted

·        Barriers to Adoption

·        Innovative Solutions

This event is semi-virtual.  VIPs will be on-site at MassRobotics innovation center (limited space).  The event will be live streamed through GoToWebinarREGISTER HERE


  • Welcome
  • A Futuristic View of Construction – Autodesk
  • On-Site Challenges and Pilots – Connolly Brothers
  • On-Site Challenges and Pilots – Cummings Properties
  • A Pragmatic Perspective & Barriers to Adoption – Skanska USA
  • Approach to Innovation: From CoLab to Boost – Suffolk Construction
  • Innovative Startups Presentations including:
    • NeXtera Robotics, Human Dynamics, Watertower, Ascend Robotics, Vita Inclinata, FLX Solutions, Hyperion Robotics

In Collaboration With: